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Project Description

An attempt to make the old POW! Oberon compiler work better in a modern Windows environment


We are trying to make the old Programmers Open Workbench Oberon-2 environment work or at the least install under modern versions of Windows. There are a number of packages floating around the net with updated executables, but sources for them all have disappeared making them less useful than it might seem at first.

 Please note that the License is incorrect at the moment, CodePlex only allows a limited range of licenses and since the CDDL explicitly allows it to be used with other licenses it is used as a placeholder, so contributions, if any will be compatible with the other licenses if they are under the CDDL.

 There are a few problems, most notably that most anti-virus programs mistake the projects dll for a virus creation toolkit, this means the flag them up as virii and isolate and/or delete them on the spot.

 The other problem is the lack of executable and installer signing, not a problem under Windows XP, a minor annoyance under Vista and Win 7 but a major headache using Windows 8 since the system announces that it has "protected" your computer, giving the impression that there is something wrong with the tool.


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